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Opioid-Related Symptom Distress Scale (ORSDS)

Description and Context of Use: 
The ORSDS measures the level of distress associated postoperative opioid-related adverse events.
Population age range: 
Adults (18+)
Number of items: 
Recall Period: 
One day
Response Scales: 
Yes/No; 4- and 5-point Likert scale
Administration Mode: 
Telephone-administered; Paper and pen
Administration Time: 
15-20 minutes
Apfelbaum JL, Gan TJ, Zhao S, Hanna DB, Chen C. Reliability and validity of the perioperative opioid-related symptom distress scale. Anesth Analg. 2004 Sep;99(3):699-709.

Chan KS, Chen WH, Gan TJ, Hsieh R, Chen C, Lakshminarayanan M, Revicki DA. Development and validation of a composite score based on clinically meaningful events for the opioid-related symptom distress scale. Qual Life Res. 2009 Dec;18(10):1331-40.
Original Language: 
English (US)
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