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The Daily Diary of Fatigue Symptoms - Fibromyalgia (DFS-Fibro)

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The Daily Diary of Fatigue Symptoms - Fibromyalgia (DFS-Fibro)

Description and Context of Use: 
The DFS-Q measures symptoms of fatigue in Fibromyalgia patients.
Population age range: 
Adults (18+)
Number of items: 
Recall Period: 
Past 24 hours
Response Scales: 
Numerical rating scale (0 to 10) 
Administration Mode: 
Self-administered; Electronic
Administration Time: 
2-3 minutes
Humphrey L, Arbuckle R, Mease P, Williams DA, Samsoe BD, Gilbert C. Fatigue in fibromyalgia: a conceptual model informed by patient interviews. BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2010 Sep 20;11:216.

Burbridge C, Symonds T, Humphrey L, Arbuckle R, Hirsch I, Whelan L. Validation of the Daily Diary of Fatigue Symptoms-Fibromyalgia (DFS-Fibro). Open Journal of Rheumatology and Autoimmune Diseases 2013;3:92-103.
Original Language: 
English (US)
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